2013-2014 OkACTE Guidance Division Committees

Awards Committee - Solicits applications, reviews and selects applicants/nominees for awards.

Co-Chairs: Carrie Brunk and Stacey Marchino
Jim Hightower, Troy Scott, Kelly Brame, Lynne Shrimp, Jill Gaylor, Jo Kahn, Jane Linn, Gail Huddleston, Larry Amos, Yumi Davis, Peggy Castleberry, Joyce Jones, Susan Jones, and Dianna Fisher

By-Laws Committee - Updates By-Laws & Policies and Procedures on an annual basis.

Chair: Debbie Argo
Andrea Ellis and Karen Koehn

Conference Planning Committee - Assists state coordinator in developing the summer Conference Agenda.

Chair: Becky Trent
Amy Henderson, Kerensa Kester, Andrew Hammontree, Ericka Wiginton, Laura Harrison, Deb McCaskey, Lorrie David, Rhonda Bethel, Rachel Smith, Al Silberstein, Pam Murray, Debra Booth, Diana Plummer, Ginny Howell, Jan Bell, and Paula Bearden

Courtesy Committee - Assures that courtesy is extended to members in cases of family illness, death, retirement, and other situations.

Chair: Lois Jones
Shari Parish, Becky Trent, Charles Murphy, Marjorie Wann, Emily Collins, Lauren Walls, and Juanita Sykes

Legislative Committee - Develops strategies for disseminating current legislative information.

Chair: Teresa Francisco
Teri Roberts, Amber Riley, Debbie Waken, and Ginny Howell

Membership Committee - Develop new member orientation, pictorial directory, "Guidance Glimpse," and coordinating activities to recruit and retain members.

Chair: Debbie Waken
Wendy Perry, Jan Bell, Anne Belanus, Tammy Barnes, Carla Henson, Tobie Gatewood, Heather Ballou, and Polly Bredy

Nominations Committee - Responsible for soliciting, reviewing and selecting nominees for elections.

Chair: Daralyn Loveless
Shelley Ebert, Diana Plummer, and Debbie Waken


Mutual Benefit Program Representative-Karen Thomas
Diversity Representative-Cheri Gastineau
PAC Board Member- Dennis McRee